Light Party 2017

Registration Form

To register your child (Yr R to Yr 6) for the Light Party, simply complete the form and submit it to us.

Parent/Guardian Consent

I give permission for my child(ren) to take part in the activities at the Light Party. I understand that s/he will be in the control and care of the Light Party leaders and other adults approved by the church leadership and that, while the staff in charge of the Light Party will take all reasonable care of the children, they cannot necessarily be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by my child during, or as a result of, the activities at the Light Party.

In the event of an injury/emergency, I am willing for my child to receive first aid (including the application of a hypoallergenic plaster) and/or necessary hospital/dental treatment (including an anaesthetic).

I give permission for photos/video footage of my child to be taken during the Light Party. I also consent to these images being used for future promotional material by Alderholt Chapel and on their website/social media pages/groups.