Community Groups

What would we do without each other?

If Sunday is an opportunity to meet all together to worship and hear God’s Word then our community groups are the place where we take it all forward and apply it to life in a smaller gathering in a host’s home.

Community groups are an integral part of church life and we would encourage anyone who is serious about their faith to join one!

Each study is different and varied, and usually follows on from Sunday teaching. From time to time we also use DVD or audio material to help us in our studies. We also encourage groups to look at ways they could serve their neighbours or community in some way together... all in an effort to see God’s love and the message of Christ extended further in this locality.

Central to these groups is a Bible study, giving the opportunity to discover and discuss what we believe and the Bible says and how it applies to our day-to-day lives. They also provide a chance to get to know people better, to share life with one another and to pray with each other... things we all need to grow as Christians.

If you would like to join a community group, please contact the office by calling 01425 655155.