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Do I have to bring anything in particular on a Sunday?
No, just yourselves! Some like to bring a Bible, though there are Bibles provided under the seats if you want to follow any readings along. We don’t have a particular or ‘expected’ dress code either – many dress informally and that’s absolutely fine.
As part of our morning service we do take an offering, though this is more for regular attenders to give towards the work of the Chapel, so please don’t feel under any obligation to give if you’re visiting us!
What version of the Bible do you use?
On a Sunday we usually use the New International Version of the Bible, and the readings are all taken from the version we have available for use at the Chapel.
Others prefer different versions, and you’re very welcome to bring along a different translation if you wish.
What parking facilities do you have?
The Chapel has its own car park, however at busy times this does become full. You can park up the road, but please be considerate of neighbours’ driveways.
What facilities do you have for those with additional needs?
Our Chapel building is fully wheelchair accessible, with a lift to get to the first floor, and a disabled toilet on the ground floor. A hearing aid loop is fitted in the main hall.
If you have questions about any other additional need requirements, please do get in touch with us. 
What ‘sort’ of church is Alderholt Chapel?
The best way to understand what we’re like as a church is to come along one Sunday or have a look around our website for more information. We love seeing new people join us and you’ll be assured of a warm welcome if you come along to any of our activities.
If you want a little more specific information though – we are an independent and evangelical congregational church, affiliated with the EFCC (Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches). We aim to be a Christ centred, Bible based church with a desire to reach out to our community with the good news of Jesus Christ. All of our activities help us to pursue that goal together.
How can I get involved?
There is always so much going on here at Chapel and it’s easy to get involved in all kinds of ways, and we’ve got lots of people serving in all sorts of ways in the life of our church. But the best way if you’re new is to simply come along and be a part of what’s already happening!
Come on a Sunday, or to a group during the week and see for yourselves – we’d love to meet you.
What do you believe about Baptism and Communion?
As a church we follow the practice of believers’ baptism, and have a (heated!) baptism pool for when we have baptism services. Baptism services are always really special services where we get to hear about how a person has come to faith in Christ and how they want to now share that publicly by being baptised.
As the above suggests, we feel that the Bible outlines that it is only following a profession of faith in Jesus Christ that a person should be baptised, as that is what baptism is a symbol of. We therefore don’t baptise infants, but instead wait until they are able to make a clear profession of faith themselves. We do, however, offer a dedication service for families wishing to celebrate the arrival of a newborn.
Similarly to baptism, we see communion (or “the Lord’s Supper”) as a symbolic meal that Jesus asked us to share together in order to remember Him. We share communion as a church family every first Sunday of the month in the morning service and third Sunday in the evening service.
How does leadership operate at Alderholt Chapel?
We operate with a core leadership of a Pastor, Elders and Deacons, along with a Youth & Community Leader.
The Pastor along with the other Elders, take responsibility for spiritual oversight of the church, the overall vision and outworking of that vision in the life of the church, and head up the work we do here at Chapel.
The Deacons work to ensure the smooth running of the activities of the church, particularly in the areas of finance, maintenance and other practical needs as they arise.
Our Youth and Community Leader oversees our work with young people and any community-based work we run as a church.
All these office holders are voted in by the members of the church at members’ meetings. Many others serve in leadership positions in our youth groups, small groups, ministries and so on.
Do you have church membership at Alderholt Chapel?
We believe that anyone who has put their faith in Christ has joined his family of believers and become part of his global ‘Church’. Therefore, if you’ve done that, you are a ‘member’ of the church!
For those who have come to faith, been baptised (here or elsewhere) and are committed to Chapel as their home church, we do also give the opportunity to associate themselves more formally with Alderholt Chapel as church members.
We currently have a formal membership of around 100 people. Being a member means having an active and committed role in the ongoing life of the church, and is a position of some responsibility. At the quarterly members’ meeting we discuss business affecting the ongoing work of the church, share plans and vote on decisions, and the members are encouraged to be proactively seeking God for His will for us as a Chapel.
From time to time we hold membership classes as and when required for those interested in becoming formal members of the church, and that is the best way to find out more.


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